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50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING - ending soon!

Update Page - COVID-19 & Protests


Here at Paw Huggies, we are dedicated to providing the best customer transparency and support. This is why we have created an update page for COVID-19 Delays and now for the ongoing protests and riots across the nation, which unfortunately is causing delays in shipping and delivery times even for big companies like Amazon, UPS, & all big brand online stores.

U.S Orders

Delivery times for US orders are sitting at  anywhere from 7-25 days due to the ongoing pandemic and riots, we will continue to update this page accordingly! Please check back to this page as we will update it weekly! 

International Orders

Delivery times for international orders are anywhere from  8-28+ days due to the pandemic, this also depends on how your country is handling the COVID-19 situation as each country is different! 

We please urge you if you have any concerns or questions email us at info@pawhuggies.com