The story about us
M MeiMicoo

The story about us

Apr 11, 2022
The pandemic hit us hard in 2020. Since the stay-at-home order had issued, I was forced to isolated from all my friends, let alone attended social activities. My family, at the same time, was living very far away in another country. I was all alone. As the time went by, I was very concerned about my mental health because I constantly felt fatigued and depressed.

I had decided to adopt a puppy before my feelings got worse. It was one Tuesday when I finally picked her up, my whole world turned around as if I had met the light of my life.  She provided me great companionship because nothing beats loneliness more than a wagging tail. She was always there for me whenever I felt down. We have done a lot of fun stuff together as well. I would take her out for a walk everyday, increasing exercise for both of us. She was not only a friend of mine, but also an important family member.

I cared more about her overall wellness as our connection deepen. I wanted the best for her, whether that’s the leash or other supplies. I had tried various brands before I realized none of them really made her feel comfortable. Then this thought came across my mind - “why not designing some good-looking yet comfortable pet products on my own, since I haven’t got much going on at home ?” So I am here to present the brand, in order to bring the best experience to my important family member, and yours too.

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