No More Missing Dogs: 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost Again
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No More Missing Dogs: 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost Again

Mar 9, 2022
The team here at Pawhuggies . knows exactly how you feel, so we put together the best tips to make sure you never lose your best friend out there in the wild.
There are a handful of things every dog owner should do to equip a pup for a lifetime of safety and security.
Fortify your fence

Does your pup have a fenced backyard to call his own? Lucky dog! Dedicated outdoor space is a luxury for your four-legged friend; some light yard work will protect that privilege and keep your pup from busting out of the joint for years to come.

A word on fences: get ‘em, make ‘em high, and keep ‘em mended. Some dogs - even the little guys, like terriers - can jump as high as a grown man’s head. That’s why we recommend that you invest in fences that are a minimum of six feet tall. 

Have a shorter fence? We can work with that. Fence-mounted planters, lattice screens, and coyote rollers are all inexpensive and effective ways to increase the height of your backyard border.

2.Maintenance is key

Got that all covered? Great! But you’re not quite done. It can be easy to assume that once you’ve built a fence, you’re set for life on yard security. The fact is, outdoor spaces are vulnerable to wear from weather, wild animals, and - gasp - your own dog. Make it a habit to perform a monthly perimeter check (more often if you have a digger or chewer on your hands). Walk the fence; check for splits in the wood or damage to the iron. Make sure the gate still closes securely. Look down for holes in the ground that need to be filled - pups who shimmy under the fence are equally big flight risks as jumpers. That sixty-second stroll around the yard is worth the peace of mind that your best friend will be safe and secure for another month to come.
3.Grab the Right Gear

Now that your pup is protected with the best medical technology out there, you’ll want to equip your best friend with the low-tech gear that will work hard to keep him safe.
The best collar to keep your dog from getting lost is strong, weather-resistant, highly-visible, and easy to slip over his head. We’ve covered all of these bases with our Pawhuggies, which comes in a rainbow of vivid colors to help your pup stand out in the wild - and in a crowd.



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